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Technology for disaster prevention

With our project entitled “Communities Prepared for Risk Reduction”, we seek to involve university students in the creation and innovation of tools for comprehensive risk management.

Six months ago, we started the Camp on Science and Technology, Vulnerability and Risk, alongside Techo and the Rafael Landívar University, during which twelve students were involved in a learning process that resulted in the proposal of three mobile applications.

Jorge Ramírez, project coordinator, highlighted the importance of young people getting involved in building resilient communities. “I am glad that we can see this wealth of ideas that will contribute to transforming risk situations in the communities where we work,” he expressed.

The process included students from the Architecture, Computer Science Engineering, and Agronomy majors. Cristina Bailey, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, highlighted: “It is a dream come true to work with various faculties and organizations, since it is from the Academia that we must build bridges for the graduates to know that they can make a difference, regardless of their profession, and work together to reduce the vulnerabilities of this country”. 

Submitted projects


It is a collection of two apps that includes climate alerts, information/education, sustainable agricultural practices for institutions and community leaders to use.


It is an app that analyzes climate conditions to send alerts regarding the potential risk. It also includes an indicator of early warnings and actions to be taken, so that community leaders can take fast and informed measures.


It conveys important information. For university students, it connects them with organizations such as CARE and TECHO, for them to have the opportunity to analyze their project and the support it could provide to the communities.

Cada proyecto fue premiado, según la evaluación de un jurado calificador.