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CARE supports improving the EOC in “La Esperanza”, Suchitepéquez

In response to the institutional mandate to implement early emergency responses, CARE Guatemala provided construction materials to repair the roof of the Emergency Operations Center -EOC- in La Esperanza parcel, township of Santo Domingo, department of Suchitepéquez.

The provision of materials was made through the intervention of the Women’s Civil Association Sol de Justicia, an organization that promotes the exercise of human rights and the access to differentiated conditions for women in the territory. They also participate in the actions that are implemented in the framework of the project “Strengthening the Rights and Economic Empowerment of Rural and Indigenous Women in the Southern Coast of Guatemala for a Life Free of Violence”.

The EOC hall, which benefits 378 people, functions either as a storage center or a shelter when the families of the parcel face risks or emergency situations. 

The community members and the women from the organization contributed with physical labor on behalf of their village, explained Sandra Marroquín, president of the Sol de Justicia Association.