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Women develop skills to prevent gender-based violence

We continue to strengthen the skills of female leaders in the Southern Coast, and on this occasion, the women’s organizations contributed to the construction of concepts and gender roles, through which they reveled prejudices and stereotypes that contribute to normalize gender-based violence.

The workshops in our village had a great impact on us. “I’m taking with me everything I’ve learnt, and I will try to put it in practice, especially with my family, neighbors, and friends. They teach us how valuable we are as women,” expressed Enni Verali De León Reyes de Carrizosa, Granados village. 

“They analyzed aspects such as gender-based violence, sexism, the patriarchy, and ways to complain, in order to generate knowledge and skills that will allow them to take action to prevent violence against women”, says Sebastiana Martín, Gender Facilitator.

The workshops were developed with the Working Women United Organization from the Granados village, township of Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu; and with Arapis Mujer, from the Concepción Ixtacapa village, Suchitepéquez.