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“We are running out of

firewood and food”

Campur is a watershed of approximately 8 square kilometers, however, since the passage of storms ETA and IOTA, three went underwater along with the homes of dozens of families. In addition, under the fertile soil that once allowed abundant crops, there is limestone rock without enough artificial or natural drains, for which the water filtration could take months.

On that first rainy day, people sought refuge in the only two houses at the top of the hill, and it was Mrs. Rosalía Cu Xol and Mrs. Margarita Ché, who opened their doors to them, offering a safe shelter. 

This is Rosalía Cuc’s testimony:

 Mi sister arrived around midnight because the water had already flooded her house. They couldn’t take anything out, even if hours before they had already heard that a part of the community had been flooded.

I wasn’t affected, but I still helped them on that Thursday and Friday. I welcomed my family members and those whom I didn’t know but that still came looking for a place to stay. They were approximately 20 people. Mrs. Margarita Ché hosted other 36 in her two houses. 

After three weeks, the people decided to go down to the entrance of the community, because we were running out of food. During the day, they stay in the streets, and at night they go again to ask to stay over. 

Sometimes I cook and give them some of it, but I don’t feed everybody, because there are too many of them and I don’t have enough to do that. Soon, those who are letting them stay at their houses will not be able to do it anymore because we are running out of firewood and food.

Those from downhill (Campur) were left with nothing. They need supplies, cooking pots, dishes, and a place to stay, where they can build their own houses to live in. Where they have been staying, there’s not enough space to be, to shower, to wash the few pieces of clothing they have or to even cook their food .

The team at CARE Guatemala, in coordination with CICAM, moved to the area in question to help provide humanitarian assistance to the families going under a situation of food insecurity, providing them with food and hygiene kits, and protection.