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The specialized food has been a great blessing for feeding my 3 daughters

Wendy Amelia Chalí Cuxil is 4 years old, and she lives in San Juan de Palima village, Comalapa, department of Chimaltenango. Her house is surrounded by trees and in the backyard, they have several animals that her mother feeds and grows to then sell them at her local market. Wendy is the second of three daughters. 

Aura, Wendy’s mother, is 25 years old, and besides growing animals in her backyard, she also knits the sashes worn by Mayan women from the Kaqchikel region, which she later sells to provide for her daughters, who usually play happily and help her feed the small animals.

When Wendy was diagnosed with slow growth at her community health center, she was also provided with information on the Quaker Qrece Project in order to improve her nutritional status.

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For a year, she participated in the project and received the specialized food for her daughters on a monthly basis. During those sessions, Aura requested information on the progress in growth development for Wendy and her other two daughters, who seemed excited and attended as well to have their height and weight measured.

When arriving home, Wendy and her sisters could not wait any longer, and asked their mother to open the food boxes. Aura commented that she would then prepare the products with a delicious drink so that her daughters could enjoy it as if it were a daily snack, and she noticed that their physical and intellectual development increased due to the food’s high nutritional value. 

Her 3-year-old daughter, Yoselin Marina, also participates in the Quaker Qrece project and, just as Wendy, she has kept a special fondness towards the specialized food, which was visible through the change in her nutritional state when her height and weight were continuously measured. 

Wendy grew 8 centimeters and gained 5 pounds of weight. She is a very active girl, she has more energy to play, and she has gotten sick less frequently and gotten more curious.