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The second generation of the Quaker Qrece project shows positive results

Daniel Salazar, General Manager of PepsiCo for North Central America, and his team, were present at the delivery of the results of the third nutritional evaluation of the girls and boys of the Quaker Qrece program, which already shows positive results.

The PepsiCo team also participated in the ninth delivery of specialized food, and in the training activities contemplated in the intervention model implemented by CARE, which has been adapted to the needs of the population, with a cultural focus. 

As we are aware that malnutrition is a multi-causal problem, our intervention model integrates actions to strengthen the knowledge of the participating families through good hygiene, health, and nutritional practices, including the preparation of healthy recipes based on local ingredients.

To this day, on a monthly basis, more than 2,700 boys and girls from 115 communities across 6 townships of Chimaltenango receive specialized food and participate in a quarterly weight and height controls.

On this specific occasion, the families received the results of the third control, highlighting favorable findings for the majority of the participants. “We have cases of children with chronic malnutrition whose development improved, going from severe to moderate growth retardation, and also some who went from a moderate to a normal level. These nutritional health changes allow them to be more attentive and active children with greater learning capacity, and they also demonstrate that the intervention is being successful”, reported Alejandra Rodas, coordinator of the Quaker Qrece program for CARE Guatemala.