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The opening of two businesses in Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu

Full of satisfaction for seeing their dreams come true, 50 women from Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu, opened two businesses where they will put into practice the knowledge acquired after having enhanced their skills through the economic empowerment workshops facilitated by CARE.

On the other hand, 20 women opened a bakery in the community in Granados, after eight months of preparation.

The participants were involved in a business planning process and, after evaluating market options, they received technical training in baking and pastry.

Mrs. Amavet Hernández, the group leader, expresses a great joy for this achievement, since for 13 years she had been working to improve her community. She also indicates that it has been a long but satisfactory and rewarding process that will help other women to gain power from their rights. 

Additionally, at the community in Candelaria Xolhuitz, the “Flor de Café” (coffee plant) organization, which is integrated by 30 women, opened a store to sell basic grains. 

This initiative strengthens the recovery of native and creole seeds, a process that they had already started to produce and market basic grains, and medicinal and edible plants. 

Furthermore, the project “Strengthening the Rights and Economic Empowerment of Rural and Indigenous Women in the Southern Coast of Guatemala for a Life Free of Violence” encouraged both groups to begin a process of political training, economic empowerment, and eradication of violence against women. This allows CARE to contribute to work on the economic growth and autonomy of the participants.