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Qach'umilal Girls' Education
and Leadership

Project name

Qach’umilal Girls’ Education and Leadership

Execution Period

January 2018 to December 2019

Execution Period​

The project’s intervention target is 400 indigenous girls from 3rd to 6th grade of primary school, girls with different levels of knowledge and abilities, some with some natural leadership, who come from low-income families. The criteria for working with the girls is centered on ages 9 to 13 years old.

In the different communities where the intervention takes place, the predominant language is K’iche, most of them speak Spanish because it is a village located between two municipalities of Quetzaltenango, in one of them only Spanish is spoken and in the other one Mam is the predominant language.

Women and girls are the focus of CARE’s work and seeks to promote rights, strengthen proactive leadership, creating conditions for girls to finish primary school, thus mitigating the dropout rate of indigenous and rural women.

The project promotes more equitable relations between girls and boys through the implementation of strategic activities that raise awareness and involve students, parents, teachers and school principals, along with local authorities, leaders (men and women) and technical and administrative officials of the Ministry of Education, facilitating an environment conducive to improving the participation and leadership of girls and adolescents. As part of its trajectory working on girls’ rights and empowerment.


Hain Celestial

Project Description

The Qach’umilal Project targets girls from 9 to 13 years old corresponding to grades 3-6 of primary school, which will enable girls to complete a primary education and develop leadership skills, with the objective to support and promote appropriate educational models for indigenous and rural girls in order to reduce inequalities, including gender inequity through the strategy of inner power.

CARE seeks:

A greater number of girls have completed their primary education and demonstrate personal and collective leadership skills.-.
A group of 25 girls mentors 375 girls through extracurricular activities to develop leadership skills.
Project impacts on girls and teachers are documented, analyzed and organized for use in future educational projects.

Partners and Allies

This project focuses directly on the coordination and inter-institutional alliance relationship, especially with MINEDUC, since its intervention is with primary schools, specifically with girls from 3rd to 6th grade. At the same time, there are alliances with municipal and departmental spaces that watch over the human rights of girls.

Coverage Area

The Qach’umilal Project has its intervention in 7 schools in the village of San Vicente Buenabaj in the municipality of Momostenango, department of Totonicapán.

  • Official Rural Mixed School Chihuitán
  • Official Rural Mixed School Xemuj
  • Official Rural Mixed School Paloma
  • Buena Vista Official Rural Mixed School
  • Official Rural Mixed School Diego Vicente
  • Official Rural Mixed School Xetená