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“Our business keeps growing”

Female entrepreneurs who participate in the project “Strengthening the Economic Leadership of Rural Women” discussed good business practices with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF).

In the township of San Lucas Tolimán, over 132 women organized themselves in different economic activities, such as: honey production, oyster mushroom production, raising laying birds, making wicker baskets, and harvesting vegetables; and they also managed to keep their businesses afloat and generate profits.

The Taiwan ICDF Delegation learned about the model of comprehensive assistance and empowerment for women implemented by CARE Guatemala, in which they are not only provided with inputs and materials for their businesses, but their skills on technology, marketing and effective placement are also strengthened.

“Our business keeps growing”, shared Simeona Barán, president of “Manos artísticas Luqueñas” (Artistic Hands from Luque), an initiative to sell wicker baskets, which, in a short time, has managed to be well positioned in their township due to the high-quality and diversity of its products.

Another successful story was that of the chicken farm “Altos de Tolimán” (Highlands of Tolimán). Angélica, its representative, stated that they have been able to expand the construction of their workplace and the earnings of the participants due to their proper financial management. “We keep track of the support that CARE has given us, our investments and the profits obtained. This is how we decide how much each one earns and how much we will use to invest again”. 

The representatives of the Taiwan ICDF delegation highlighted the good practices exercised by these women and their leadership, recognizing the importance of working to empower female producers of rural areas.