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turkeys now

Eida Rebeca Caal Cucul is 24 years old and lives in the Chicojl village. She has two children of 8 and 2 years of age, and she belongs to the Wise Women Group, where she holds the position of group secretary. 

CARE and IEPADES (Teaching Institute for Sustainable Development) sent her a bank transfer, which she used for buying six turkeys and a quintal of animal food. 

“My husband is a taxi driver, and he drives the auto rickshaw. Often, there’s no demand, so the turkey breeding provides for our needs. There have been times when we have had to sell a turkey to buy food for the other turkeys”. 

“Two years ago, I participated in the EMI project from IEPADES, and that’s how I got my first knowledge on poultry vaccination. Now, thanks to the project, I was able to validate what I’d learnt and discover other things”. 

“This project allowed me to receive trainings on organic fertilizers, women’s rights, and the vaccination of pigs and chickens”. 

Elida has been working on turkey breeding for many years already, and as the turkeys grow, she sells them. The funds obtained helps her buy food and even more turkeys. 

The savings group helps as well, as we get 10% interest of the money saved”

She also mentioned that from the 36 women in the group, 25 were benefitted. “It is important for the trainings to continue, at least every one or two years since some of my colleagues are still scared to vaccinate. I can do it because this is the second project where I participate, and therefore, it is not the first time I put a vaccine”.