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I am very happy because during the year of the project my son

grew 10 centimeters and gained 5 pounds

Dany —as his brothers call him—, is 3 years old and lives in the Chuixilón hamlet from the township of Santa Cruz Balanya, Chimaltenango. 

His mother, Roselia Vicente, is a hardworking woman. While her older children go to the school community, she stays in charge of the younger ones. 

When Dany was born, she noticed that his health was not well, as he was not behaving like his older brothers did, considering that at his age, they were already running and playing happily around the house. 

This was concerning for Roselia, and when she attended the weight and height checks at the health center in her community, she was informed that Dany was underweight and had a slow growth. This was a reason to actively participate in the Quaker Qrece project, which provides specialized food that can help prevent and overcome mild and moderate malnutrition in children between 2 and 5 years of age. 

Besides receiving the specialized food, Roselia mentioned that she has implemented with her entire family the knowledge she gained from the trainings provided, and that it was very important because her children and husband learned to properly wash their hands, keep the house clean, and eat healthier. 

During the year of the project, Dany participated every month to receive the specialized food, and consumed it every day, as he liked its flavor from the beginning. 

Today, this boy is growing full of energy and strength, he is more attentive to what his family says, he smiles with them, and it has been clear how he grew and gained weight when eating the specialized food. 

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