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Care is committed to the technical preparation of women

Members of the 16 women’s organizations that CARE Guatemala supports on the South Coast, will be certified by the training program for the development of management skills and effective business administration, which is taught by CUNSUR (Southern University Center), an extension of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala based in Escuintla. 

This was made possible by the letter of understanding signed by CUNSUR and CARE Guatemala, and by the financial support provided by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the European Union (EU).

“The Letter of Understanding had the purpose of promoting activities and actions that allow the economic empowerment of rural and indigenous women from the departments of Suchitepéquez, Retalhuleu, and Escuintla,” explained Rubén Jordán, coordinator of the project “Strengthening the Rights and Economic Empowerment of Rural and Indigenous Women in the Southern Coast of Guatemala for a Life Free of Violence”.

The courses taught are: Module I: ‘How do I start my business?’ And ‘the gender approach in productive activities’; Module II: ‘How do I manage my business and distribute the house chores with my family?’; Module 3: ‘How do I sell my products/services and involve my family in my business activities?’.

“These courses are part of the Strategy for the Economic Empowerment of rural and indigenous women of the southern coast of Guatemala, which was designed to promote the economic empowerment of women with positive gender activities. They were planned for the 16 women’s organizations, which were subjects of rights for the project,” explains Krissel Hernández, specialist in Economic Empowerment.

The course methodology was built with the support of representatives of the following governmental institutions: MAGA, MIDES, SESAN, CUNSUR/USAC, MINTRAB, MINECO; and also, by Non-Governmental Organizations, such as REDSAG, the Agrarian Platform, the LEYDEM platform, Independent Consultants, among others.