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“Starting a business and fighting are things that women do for our personal well-being and that of our children”.


An inspiring


Angélica was born in the township of San Lucas Tolimán, department of Sololá, and she is a single mother, victim of gender-based violence. After being left alone with her daughters, it was not easy to financially fulfill the daily needs in her home. Furthermore, since she did not have a basic academic study, the lack of opportunities for women in the area forced her to look for various other alternatives to raise her daughters.

The preparation and sale of cakes in her community was one of the several productive activities she implemented, allowing her to generate a minimal income that was used to buy their everyday consumption products, although the lack of resources available to invest in her small business prevented her from continuing with that activity. Despite these limitations, however, she never stopped trying and always had that attitude that characterized her as a woman who does not give up, making her an inspirational model for other women who go through the same circumstances.

Angélica knows the reality faced by several women from her community, and she has helped them improve their self-esteem with her advice, encouraging them to make an effort and work together to be financially independent. 

She has been trained on different aspects of leadership with a focus on women, which constituted a strength for her when leading other women. This also allowed her to create the group “Altos de Tolimán” (Highlands of Tolimán) which is dedicated to raising broiler chickens, and where she currently holds the position of Chairwoman.

Under her leadership, several efforts were made with local and municipal authorities to implement the Altos de Tolimán Chicken Farm, located five minutes away from the town center of the township, since it must meet several environmental requirements and prevent local residents from being affected by the type of activities carried out.

With the broiler production project, Angélica has achieved her economic independence and aims to have a more complete production cycle to always have chicken for sale, either alive or butchered.