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Seven communities in Chiantla join the disaster prevention response forces

131 men and women from Chiantla, Huehuetenango, were sworn in and accredited to be able to provide support to their communities in risk prevention and reduction, through the Local Coordinators for Disaster Reduction (COLRED).

To achieve this, the communities participated in a skill-development process on risk monitoring, evacuations, shelter management, fire control, and the search and evacuation of people in danger.

The training process was carried out for 8 months and was accompanied by CARE, TECHO, CONRED, and the Municipal Office of Comprehensive Risk Management as a technical support during the implementation of the project, which was entitled “Communities ready to respond to disasters in vulnerable rural areas of Guatemala”.

In addition to the skill enhancement, CARE provided COLDRED with basic equipment to promote resilient communities, such as: stretchers, boots, a first aid kit, raincoats, flashlights, speakers, among others.