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Regional advocacy for the economic development of women

With the objective of promoting the economic empowerment of women in Guatemala, the first meeting between the competitiveness councils in Escuintla and Retalhuleu was held, including the participation of the Economic Development Commission, CODECED (Competitividad y Empleo Digno) from Quetzaltenango and Sacatepéquez, and women organizations that promote economic development. 

This event marks the first step to involve them and give them a voice in trade and market spaces. During the gathering, they shared experiences and organization models that could be shared by other departments through political advocacy and the creation of competitiveness councils. 

Similarly, the process of the #LEYDEM platform was presented and discussed, which aims to promote the legislative proposal #5452 regarding the Economic Development of Women, and which considers women as subjects of law and contributes to the economic reactivation and eradication of poverty and extreme poverty.

In CARE Guatemala, we have worked to involve women’s organizations in technical and decision-making environments to promote dialogue and reflection, and to facilitate an economic development that aligns with their needs. We appreciate the support of AECID Guatemala and the European Union in Guatemala.