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My daughter is a very healthy kid now, she’s growing, and she seems happier than before

There is an area behind Margarita’s house that she loves showing to anyone who visits her. She takes their hand and runs towards it while saying: “Let me show you my pigeons”. 

Margarita Lourdes Guarcas Lara is 3 years old and lives in the parcel La Giralda, township of Tecpán, department of Chimaltenango. Her house is located 15 minutes away from the urban area of the township of Tecpán. Margarita was a child with low birth weight, causing her health problems that did not allow her to develop as a happy and dynamic girl.

In 2021, Quaker Qrece began its work and field visits to La Giralda, visiting the prioritized households, in coordination with the local health institution. Their purpose was to select children in the age ranges of 2 to 5 who suffered from mild or moderate malnutrition.

Lourdes, Margarita’s mother, said that she had seen the project information in some posters, and she was interested due to her daughter’s growth problems.  

She mentioned that she constantly attended the meetings that the facilitator held to receive training on very important topics regarding balanced nutrition, personal hygiene, and the appropriate way to provide specialized food to her daughter.

Since she started consuming the products, Margarita has gained 9 centimeters in height and 5 pounds in weight. 

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