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I wrote down my

plans and dreams

Gloria Leal Cuc is 33 years old and lives in the Sepata village. For three years, she has been the treasurer of the group Florecitas del Campo. She also has two sons, and her oldest boy is known by the whole group under the nickname Chusito. 

“The savings group has been good for me.” Because of it, Gloria was able to open a small boutique. “That day I started with very little, but today it has grown”. 

Thanks to the project Economic Recovery for Women affected by COVID-19 and the Tropical Storms ETA/IOTA, I was able to buy paraffin and thread for knitwear. I did not have a lot of practice knitting, but the group president helped me. “When I heard about the help that they were possibly going to give us, I wrote down my plans and dreams”.  

My son helps me with the thread”. Chusito is barely 8 years old, and he is already preparing to be a great entrepreneur. Gloria is known for her leadership among the group members, and she attended all the training sessions from the Tiffany Project, but she was always accompanied by Chusito.

Not only Gloria learned to knit blankets for sale, but Chusito was also encouraged to learn to count. The project is not over yet, and Gloria has already recovered all the money from the bank transfer made by CARE and IEPADES. “And I still have thread left to do more products”. 

From the paraffin purchased, she started making candles. “The first time I went to the market to sell my products, I made like Q250 in less than three hours, thanks to God’s blessings”

I still have more candles for sale”.

She will send her next batch of product to the Tinta township, since her mother has a store, and she is asking her for product.

It is a very nice experience, and a very nice work. There’s trust within the group”.