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disaster risk reduction
and emergency
response preparedness

Project Name

Gender-sensitive disaster risk reduction and emergency response preparedness

Execution Period

August 01, 2015 to August 31, 2017


CARE USA-MACF-Catapult to Impact

Project Description

This project addresses gender mainstreaming as a transversal axis, seeking to improve the capacities of CARE Guatemala and CARE Honduras in Risk Management and Emergency Response, through the construction of tools related to gender equity in humanitarian action, including preparedness and response protocols, capacity building, generation of alliances for the empowerment of women and the promotion of exchange of experiences.

The strategies being implemented for the execution of the project are:

  • Updating, building and validating tools for humanitarian action with a gender perspective.

  • Incorporating the gender approach in the formulation of proposals, projects and programs of CARE Guatemala and CARE Honduras.

  • Strengthening the capacities of governmental and NGO actors, using as a basis the Strategic Policy Framework of CARE’s Gender

  • Equality Program and its toolbox.

  • Establishing alliances for women’s empowerment advocacy with national organizations and other relevant actors in risk management, to adapt the gender perspective at local, national and regional levels.

  • Promoting virtual exchanges to strengthen learning on the gender approach in humanitarian action.

  • Generating documents with lessons learned and best practices in the integration of the gender approach in risk management.

In order to achieve the project’s objectives, the following results were established:

  • Improved capacities of the Emergency Response Team of CARE Guatemala and CARE Honduras, in the areas of risk management, preparedness and emergency response with a gender approach.

  • Alliances for women’s empowerment advocacy with national organizations and other relevant actors in the response.

  • Updated and validated gender and risk management tools, including protocols for implementing gender actions in emergency plans.

Main results obtained

  • Humanitarian Country Teams from Guatemala and Honduras are familiar with the Casa Adentro Equality Tool and are sensitized on the issue of gender equality.
  • Inter-institutional gender and environment roundtable strengthened on gender and climate change based on CARE tools.
  • Emergency response team of CARE Guatemala and Honduras strengthened in GRRD and gender equality.
    Gender analysis tools designed for applicability in both countries.

Partners and Allies

  • National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -CONRED-.
  • Permanent Contingency Commission -COPECO-.
  • Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources -MARN-.
  • Humanitarian Country Team
  • Inter-institutional Environment and Gender Roundtable

Coverage Area

  • Guatemala and Honduras.