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FCA 2016

Project name

Conservation and restoration of the biodiversity and connectivity of the cloud forest of the Sierra María Tecún for the provision of natural goods and services in the municipalities of Totonicapán and Santa María Chiquimula.

Execution Period

01 July 2016 – 31 December 2018

Target Population

A total of 5,406 women and 4,661 men from 25 indigenous communities of Santa María Chiquimula and Totonicapán participated.


Tropical Forest Conservation Fund, FCA. Debt-for-nature swap mechanism in Guatemala by the U.S. Government

Project Description

The project develops actions for the conservation, maintenance and restoration of forest cover and biodiversity in the Sierra María Tecún landscape as a measure to halt the alteration of the structure and composition of the biodiversity of forest ecosystems, an area of high richness of endemic flora and fauna at risk, as well as water catchment and regulation of the Samalá, Nahualate, Motagua, Salinas/Chixoy and Lake Atitlán basins.

The project seeks to maintain the flow of natural goods and services, reduce environmental vulnerabilities and contribute to poverty reduction, through the participation of municipal authorities, local development councils and demonstrating the access and control of indigenous K’ichés women and youth to the resources and benefits of environmental goods and services.

Its objectives are:

  • Strengthen community forest governance and forest ecosystem management in the areas of influence of the Los Altos de San Miguel Totonicapán
  • Regional Park and the Cuxliquel volcano to rebuild connectivity with the volcanic chain.
  • Restore degraded areas of the Sierra María Tecún landscape for the recovery and improvement of biological diversity and the provision of environmental goods and services for the beneficiary population.
  • Conserve the cloud forest of the matrix and patch ecosystems of the Sierra María Tecún to maintain its functionality in the hydrological service and the protection of endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna, through inclusive local management.


  • Strengthen community and municipal management in 2 protected areas.

  • Protect water recharge areas in 5 watersheds through reforestation and restoration actions.

  • Conservation of endemic, threatened, and endangered species of flora and fauna.

  • Implementation of forestry incentive projects, mainly with women.

  • Provide technical training to mixed groups of indigenous communities in forest conservation and restoration actions.

  • Promote income generation for vulnerable groups, particularly women, through sustainable natural resource management.

  • Sustainable production of native forest plants in communal and municipal nurseries.

  • Implementation of agroforestry systems and soil conservation through land management plans.

  • Partners and Allies: The project has established cooperation agreements with the municipalities of Totonicapán and Santa María Chiquimula and Centro Universitario de Nor Occidente -CUNOROC-.

    There is also an alliance with the Association for Agroforestry and Environmental Development of Santa María Chiquimula -ADAFORSA-, the National Forest Institute -INAB-, the National Council of Protected Areas -CONAP-, and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources -MARN-.