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Digital technology, an alternative for Food and Nutritional Education

“The Nurturing the Future project was developed in coordination with Cargill, their partners, volunteers and CARE, to promote food security, nutrition, hygiene and education at schools, and for the adoption of better nutritional practices”.

The “Nurturing the Future”

project improves my education and nutrition!

CARE Guatemala and Cargill have launched a new app with information on Food and Nutritional Education, healthy lifestyles, good practices for food handling, and guidelines for nutrition and hygiene. 

It was created with the objective of strengthening the knowledge and skills of the educational community, institutional technicians, educators, counsellors, and trainers, who have among their objectives and results, improving the Food and Nutritional Security of families. It allows people to strengthen their knowledge through 9 modules with complete information on different topics.

Contenidos de la APP

1. Food and Nutritional Security

2. The human body and its relationship with nutrition

3. Food and
nutrition basics

4. Healthy

5. Food guidelines for Guatemala

6. Food and nutrition within the life cycle

7. Healthy

8. Consequences of an inadequate diet in boys and girls

9. Food hygiene and consumption of safe water

Ruta de navegación

The user must not consider his own data to keep track of the number of users.

When signing in, the index of each learning module is displayed, showing the content of the first module.

The modules have informative charts that must be opened to complete the lesson.

When the reading part of the module is complete, the “I have finished reading” button must be clicked on, and the quick assessment must be passed to validate the knowledge learned.

When all the modules are completed, the system will automatically generate a certificate.